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Our panelized wall package are quick and easy to install, getting you to lock up stage faster, while saving time from conventional stick framing. We provide high quality structures, with less waste and cut down labor costs by following a high in-factory quality control process with procedures to provide CAD designed, square and true walls. Our CAD design process insures we can choose the best materials for the walls, including tall walls and load bearing walls.

Some Advantages to using Panelized walls are:

  • Get to lock up stage faster
  • Easy installation
  • Less delivery charges
  • CAD designed
  • Select materials used
  • Manufactured in a controlled environment
  • Cleaner construction sites
  • Reduce disposal fees
  • Panels are labelled according to plan
  • Always square and true
  • Less skilled trades required for installation
  • Jobsite theft reduced

Technical Information

Conventional Wall Systems

Framing the American Dream (PDF)